"with no knowledge of history or sense of possibility, we assume that the way things are is the way things ought to be. critical mass gives us knowledge and a sense of possibility bigger than any rhetoric, any architectural model, any developer's ad campaign, or any promise. we humans want social space, we need it, take to it like ducks to water. [critical mass] works, because people automatically feel it's right, though many of us have never before experienced free public space. critical mass cuts through the noise and inertia of the american transportation system and teaches us to carve a wedge of our city for ourselves. it feeds us a reality we use to create a vision."
-anna sojourner

fmly ride is an expanding realization into the myths of urban space, and our tool for hacking the sterile codifications of city living. since 2009 we've covered hundreds of miles throughout east, west, and south los angeles*, celebrating the movements and geographical articulations within a city known for its stagnance.

what goes into this premeditative expression? a simultaneous process of selecting sounds to match a place, and as our organizers reach out and become a part of these sounds we place an emphasis on riding over to take notes on the reality of these daydreams. the big secret is that we look for public outlets, because if a city offers a point of free, public electricity it would be unpatriotic not to enthusiastically share this liberty with our community. to date we've found ourselves all over of piers, jetties, behind a ross, bergamont station, albertsons' parking lots, a staples rooftop, abandoned railroad tracks, closed tunnels, outdoor malls, mccarren park, vacant warehouses, and the list goes on. oddly enough, we've been the first to do this... and have only initiated one helicopter chase.

alumni: 60 watt kid, battlehooch, batwings catwings, blackbird blackbird, c-drip, cronies, dan plaza, djdt, captain ahab, dinowalrus, dithyramb, dr. strangeloop, dream panther, dudes, emperor x, evan vidar, fables, fidlar, fim, foot village, fox and bear, funderstorm, gangi, graffiti monsters, head hunters, heroes + heroine, hiking, horse the band, jack littman, james rabbit, jeans wilder, jules verne, kid infinity, kites sail high, koalacaust, kynan, m31, manhattan murder mystery, the manx, meho plaza, moon pearl, nursery, occupyla, pillz, poweraxe, presstones,professor calculus, religious girls, restaravnt, rob walmart, rumspringa, say uhns, shlohmo, shroedipus rex, the shrine, the silverlake jubilee, slang chickens, sleepy owl, so many wizards, speculator, stay cool forever, summer blondes, tempo no tempo, tgr bld, things, truman peyote, twin steps, tygerstrype, up your alley, vacation dad, vcr master, weekends, w.h.i.t.e., white fang, wild pack of canaries, yalls, and more fam.

*fmly ride has also taken place in santa cruz, brooklyn, and the south of france